FC Media is an independent group dedicated to preserving football club history.

Through cooperation of fans, players, management and owners, we extract the most important aspects of a club's past. We collect and record oral history interviews, identify, photograph and index memorabilia and publish written and graphic manifestations of assembled research. FC Media combines expertise from our individual members, professional writers, designers and historians, to establish living repositories and presentations of club history.

What do we do?

We explore the past and write stories for the future

Statistics are records are important, but they often miss the magical details that can never be quantified. FC Media presents club history with a forward-thinking approach that serves as a reflection of the city, supporters and future of a club.

We capture the spirit of a club in it's colorful details

We bring the tradition of football club colors to life with detailed images and art. We create an excitingly accurate presentation of logos, sponsors, kit designs and styles to hep represent the spirt of a club.

We create places for words and experiences to live on

Special oral history interviews are an ideal way to capture the mindset of important people whose actions have shaped the club. Research, digital audio records, transcripts and photographs are each a part of this process.

We provide research support to enrich existing collections

The key to a successful presentation of history is a rooting in research. This behind-the-scenes approach can augment an existing collection or provide the leg work necessary to begin an historical project./

Our services help to build stronger football clubs

A powerful draw is created when supporters, stakeholders, players and prospects have access to share in the heritage of a club. We act as a resource to build historic archives, capture and express club history and develop media that promote the legacy of a club as it unfolds.

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