Media & Exhibits


Portland's NASL Era on Display

Through the spring and summer of 2011, FC Media collected, curated and presented an exhibit on the NASL era of the Portland Timbers at the Oregon Historical Society. Showcasing physical memorabilia from players, owners and fans, the exhibit was the first of its kind in Portland, drawing even MLS Commissioner Don Garber to visit.

FC Media believes the emergence of club identity comes from intergenerational sharing of experiences, both in person at the ground and in the expression of the history of the club.

The use of media and exhibits to facilitate that sharing is what FC Media delivers.

Memories and institutional knowledge are vitally important to any football club.

Yet the history of a club should not be limited just to those who were present at points along the way. Sharing pieces of the past is an effective way to engage supporters, new fans and those unfamiliar with the stories. In this light, FC Media places a high priority on the presentation of historic photographs and physical objects, be it through web media, singular display or wider exhibit.

The identification of donors and available exhibit space are key ingredients but the backbone of accessibility comes through an immersion in club history.

Marketing departments can create visual displays with all of the signs of a base in history. Yet an approach emphasizing research, accuracy and thoughtful context brings the past to life.