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Michael Orr

Writer and Managing Editor

Michael is a football writer and journalist. He is most often the liaison between FC Media and football clubs, building relationships with key members of a club’s past and present. Michael is the author of The 1975 Portland Timbers: The Birth of Soccer City, USA, a monograph to be published in spring 2012. He is also a contributor to The Blizzard, covers Major League Soccer for various websites and is co-host of the Soccer Made in Portland podcast. Michael's other interests in the game range from kit design and history to obscure clubs and tactics.

Morgen Young


Morgen holds an M.A. in Public History and works as a consulting historian through her company, Alder, LLC. Beyond the history of soccer, her research interests include architectural history, historic preservation, documentary photography and 20th Century US history. Morgen has extensive experience as an oral historian and leads FC Media’s oral history projects. She engages local and national organizations and her expertise in preservation and exhibit curation benefit both exiting and nascent collections.

Matthew Speakman

Design Director

Matthew is a designer and art director, working on the agency side of communication design and advertising since 2000. Taking inspiration from visual and cultural aspects of club brands, identities, crests and kits, he produces media strongly rooted in the traditions of football. He focuses on the presentation of club history in publications, exhibits and web media, augmenting research supporting cultural connections.

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